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'40/5/5: Reel-type mower, before restoration (right), and after restoration (below), is missing its identification plate. '

It has been a few years since I last wrote into Gas Engine
Since then, I have worked on a few projects, which I
will try to write about later when I have a chance. Right now I
just need some information.

A friend gave me an old reel-type mower. I am not really into
air-cooled engines, but he wanted to see it restored. The first
thing I tackled was the engine. Everything was rusted and stuck
solid, but I was able to get the engine going again. Once I had it
running, I tore into the mower. It was rough, but even so, it
turned out pretty good.

I know the engine is a Continental, but would like to know the
horsepower rating. The model number is either A06 or AC6 – it’s
hard to read the plate. The serial number is 706 B 330484. The
identification plate is missing off the mower. There was a decal on
the front that read “Mowa-Mate.” Another decal (in bad shape)
appears to read “S?hurhan?,” maybe “Schurhand.” I sure would like
to know who made the mower and its approximate age. Larry Shulda,
330 Oak Drive, Gholson, TX 76705-5944.

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