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'47/7/2A, B, C and D: Michael O’Malley seeks information for his project engine. '

I have an engine that was bought at a flea market in southern
New Hampshire. It is a very small engine weighing about 80 pounds.
The flywheels are 13-by-2-inch, the crankshaft is 1-by-5-inch, and
the bore and stroke is approximately 3-by-3-1/2-inch and the head
threads onto the cylinder. It is a combination air- and
water-cooled head, but it does not have a water jacket in the
cylinder! It only stands 14 inches high and has a brass rod. The
biggest parts, like the base, head and cylinder, are of very high
quality and workmanship, but the timing device is homemade and the
valve train is really crude. I know the castings for the valve
guides are of high quality, too.

My guess would be that it is either a school project engine, or
something you would buy; a basic casting kit where you did your own
finish work. By the looks of it, this engine had a lot of run time,
so I know it did some work in its day. If anyone can help with
this, please forward the information. Michael O’Malley, 7
Meadow-brook Road, Littleton, MA 01460; (978) 772-2005;

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