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Novo: I have a Novo air-cooled gas engine,
Model BA-23, serial no. 3416, 2-7/8-by-3-1/2-inch. Can anyone tell
me the date this model was built and the horsepower? I need to make
a gas tank bracket, so any photos would help. Was the gas tank
round or square? Do any readers have parts for this engine? I think
it took a hand crank to start it.

Busy Bee: I just bought a Busy Bee 5 HP Model
AB, 2-3/4-by-3-inch, serial no. 3-105855. It was built by Gladden
Products Corp. of Glendale, Calif. Is this the only Model AB that
Busy Bee had? Can anyone tell me anything about the Busy Bee? In
Michigan, I have seen only two or three Busy Bees at the shows. Can
anyone tell me the brand and model carburetor they took? I may need
some parts and I would also like to know the year my Busy Bee was

REO: I would like to know the year of my REO
Model 338 Type F, serial no. 190? How long did REO build small
engines? Are there any data sheets on the REO engines? What is the
horsepower? My Model 338 has a rewind starter and I have one with a
rope starter. I would like any information on the little green
REOs. Clayton Brimmer Sr., 17430 Yankee Road, Morley, MI 49336;
(231) 937-9538.

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