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I would like to know if anybody is making reproduction engine
tags for Wisconsin engines, the ones that are on the top half of
the air shroud? They have the model, serial number, type number and
other information that most of the time can’t be read.

And can someone tell me what the term L-head means?

Is there a club for Wisconsin engine nuts? There are a lot of
clubs, but most don’t think much of the air-cooled engines. There
are a lot of good old air-cooled engines, Briggs, Clinton,
Wisconsin, etc.

I found out that Wisconsin made Models A1, A2, A3, A4 and A5
from 1930 to 1934 with Air Vane governors and flywheel

I would like to know if anyone would send me a photo of any of
these models? I would like to find one and a lot of the old
Wisconsins have had the engine tags taken off. Why? If I could find
a photo of the Model As, it would help me find one without the
engine tag on the engine.

The term “L-head” refers to an engine with the valves set in
the engine block, also commonly referred to as a flathead engine. –

Also, I have a Briggs & Stratton Model AR Type 60942, serial
no. 22189.

Can anyone tell me if they had an air filter on the

The carburetor bolts on with two bolts down low on the block and
a small pipe runs up the side to the top for the intake. The
carburetor has a cork float in it and not much more than the
throttle shaft plate.

And, can anyone tell me if there is a book with photos of all
the models of engines Briggs & Stratton built? Clayton Brimmer,
17439 Yankee Road, Morley, MI 49336.

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