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41/4/6: Art Brochu’s Monarch engine.

I enjoyed the story by Shelby Babcock about his Monarch engine
in the July 2005 issue of GEM. I too acquired a 1-3/4 HP
Monarch at a show in Massachusetts! My find was also a Model TA,
and it has what seems to me a low serial number, 3145. The engine
was complete, except for missing the gas tank. The brass tag reads:
“The Monarch Line, Model TA, Number 3143, Royal Engine Company,
Saginaw, Michigan USA, HP 134, RPM 500.”

The engine was painted medium gray, with fine yellow pinstriping
on the flywheel spokes, crank guard and the exhaust side of the
water hopper. All the paint looks to be original. It has a dry head
and two freeze plugs under the water hopper. The hopper is all one
casting with the rest of the block. The Webster magneto, no.
658336, is a Type M. The magneto bracket casting number is 303M72,
and the spark is by an igniter. There is a spark advance lever with
three positions, and also a screw knob to adjust the speed. The
mixer has the air inlet openings on the bottom side with a rotary
damper chock, but I doubt the mixer is the right one. This engine
looks to me like it was built by the Nelson Bros. foundry.

I wonder if someone has an owner’s manual or a copy I can buy?
Or some other written information about these engines? Does anyone
have an idea when this engine was built? The engine runs good and
no, it is not for sale. Art Brochu, 825 Greenwoode Drive, North
Augusta, SC 29841;

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