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I have just bought a 3 HP “KracKerJack” engine and am looking
for information or pictures. It’s a horizontal open crank engine
that I found out was probably marketed through the Smyth-Despard
Co., New York, in 1925.

The engine runs OK but could do with a little tidying up. During
its last restoration, some 10 years ago, it was fitted with a
homemade exhaust system and a splashguard over the magneto gears so
it needs reverting back to its former glory.

To do this, I need to know what design the truck should be and
the appropriate color to paint the engine. Some old or modern
photos would be useful to get the correct layout of the engine, and
of course operating instructions would be useful as well. Clive
Heritage, 48 Grimsbury Square, Banbury, Oxfordshire, England OX16

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