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'40/12/3: Robert Polk is asking readers for any information on his Ingersoll-Rand engine/air compressor, Model 3R36. The engine is a 6-cylinder – a 3-cylinder gas engine and a 3-cylinder air compressor. '

Here is a photo of an Ingersoll-Rand radial air compressor,
Model 3R36. It is a 6-cylinder – 3-cylinder gas engine and
3-cylinder air compressor. If any of the readers have any
information or literature, please contact me. Robert Polk, 03 E.
Coronado Way, Payson, AZ 85541; (928) 474-1555.

See the November 2005 issue, “A Little Bit of Everything.”
Ken Ebnet of Long Prairie, Minn., owns an engine similar to the one
pictured. – Editor

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