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I have been collecting engines for about six years. I started
with my great-grandfather’s 3 HP Hercules engine. I also have an
Edwards 2-cylinder. Space is limited, as is money, so I have
decided to work mostly on small engines. After picking up a few
small engines, I have taken a particular liking toward old 2-cycle
engines. I have a few Clintons, two West Bends and a few Power
Products. Above the rest I have taken a liking to Lauson Power
Products engines. There is no good source of information about
them, so far as I can find. There is no real history written about
them and, while they were a “common” engine, they are few and far
between. If possible I would like to become well informed about
them – kind of like Glen Karch is about Hercules engines.

I am hoping that readers can provide information about them,
perhaps even provide a source of parts. R. Mac Leod,

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