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I have a 1926(?) Galloway Handy Andy. It is headless with
vertical valves, has a 3-1/8-inch bore by 3-inch stroke, and 1-inch
crank journals. I have the cylinder and hopper, the crankcase,
crankshaft, and 10-inch flywheels. All other parts are missing. I
need parts, drawings, a parts manual, or good pictures of the
following: timer, cam, governor, valve train, rocker arm,
carburetor, piston and rod.

I’m an 81-year-old machinist and have a good shop. I work almost
every day making parts for our club – Colorado Old Iron Assn. I
would appreciate any help I can get. Pete Palmer, 6930 Forest St.,
Commerce City, CO 80022; (303) 288-2172.

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