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41/9/4A and B: Chuck Lowman’s unidentified engine.

Can someone enlighten me on this engine and saw rig?

The engine carries several tags, summarized as: Challenge Co.,
Batavia Ill., M150, 5 HP, serial no. 28405; J. Comer Jones Power
& Pump Co., Boston, Mass., and Wico magneto.

A spark plug is in place. The engine sits on a four-iron-wheeled
frame with towbar/hitch and a 24-inch (approximate) diameter saw
with rocker table. An auxiliary flywheel is center-mounted on the
assembly frame and belt-driven from the saw shaft.

Any information on this engine and its rig or tips on
information sources would be greatly appreciated. Chuck Lowman, 311
Lake Road, Vergennes, VT 05491.

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