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40/1/4: Is this one of the last FM 6 HP Electric Specials built?

This Fairbanks-Morse Type T Electric Special 6 HP has just come
out of its Kansas resting place for the first time since 1947. It’s
not been outside so there is no rust and everything is free. The
serial no. 017715 is stamped at the top of the cylinder.

There are no other marks on the head, crankcase, crankshaft or
flywheels. There are also no holes for the nametag. Some say
numbers beginning with zero mean a replacement cylinder. The
priming cup is stamped with a 1916 patent date.

Was this made in 1916, the last year for this engine? Also, what
should the color be? John Hamilton, 910 W. Marvin Ave., Waxahachie,
TX 75165; (972) 937-5882;

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