Who Parks Where?

By Staff

Louisville, Ohio 44641

Now that it is the time of year when most engine shows are over
and the club members are busy organizing for next year’s show,
I have some ‘new business’ that all clubs should discuss,
‘Who Parks Where?’

You have hit and miss engines, tractors, steam engines. This is
what the show is all about. Right? Okay, flea markets and crafts
have been also included, they make money for the club and X amount
of dollars per space. Fine and dandy!

Now, for the parking. It really is not hard to understand.
Tractors are all together, steam has their area, hit and miss
should have theirs, and the same for flea markets.

If people are selling items and it are not related to the
engines, tractors or antique equipment, then they should be in the
flea market. Plastic mail boxes, for example, have nothing to do
with show equipment.

The reason I am writing this is to let clubs know what you are
doing to your exhibitors. We were harassed for five hours by two
club members at a show until they finally got smart, because I
threatened to name their club in this letter. Yes, we were being
stubborn, too, but it was the principal of the thing. We were in an
engine area with engines, not in the flea market with engines.

You drive for l? hours early in the morning, to get to a show.
Pull in at 7:00 a.m. Hard to find a place to park, a lot of places
were roped off, saved, for someone not even there yet. Well, we
finally found a place not roped off or blocked off. We were told by
a club member to go ahead and park there, which we did. Got our
engines out, awning up, and then walked the grounds. An hour later,
another club member tells me, we have to move.

His buddy wants that spot to sell plastic mail boxes! What! In
with engines ? Needless to say, I said no, we were not moving. So
now there are five club members trying to settle this. They even
called security. The fellow with the mail boxes never showed up
until 12:00 noon on Saturday and I never did see him sell even one

After a meeting of the minds, the club members finally told us
we could stay put. But you know what, we will never return to their
show again, which we had attended for many years and enjoyed until
this year.

All clubs should pass a new rule for shows. Each group assigned
an area and that’s where they park. NO ONE should be permitted
to rope off parking for other people. Make it a first come,
first park
. Put this on your advertisements.

This is happening at many more shows and people who drive two,
three, four hours can’t find a place to park because hometown
people rope it off days ahead.

Come on, clubs! Smarten up. People are turning around and
leaving your shows, never to return again. The word of mouth can
hurt you and does. Just ask the clubs with poor attendance.

They say everyone complains, but no one does anything about it.
Well, I took the step to speak my mind and hope it does some

Are you clubs listening?

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