Western Montana Fair Report

By Staff

For the first time in the 14 years fair manager Sam Yewusiak has
been at the Western Montana Fair in Missoula, Montana, there was
absolutely no rain during the six days and nights of the event.

The perfect weather is credited for the great increase in
pari-mutuel handle, gate, carnival food concessions and all other
aspects of the fair. It is estimated that attendance was over
100,000, an increase of over 10,000 from the 1990 fair, which was
rained on every day and resulted in the closing of the race track
for two days.

Among the records set was one for the Inland Empire/Royal West
Amusements Carnival, owned by Reed Williams, for the biggest single
gross day ever in the state of Montana. This was on Thursday,
Kid’s Day, which offers free admission to those up to 18 years
of age until 6 p.m.

Other increases were found in horse racing, which had looked
dismal early in the season for tracks around the state. However,
due to promotion through personal contact at numerous area race
tracks, the estimated 200 horses available was increased to over
350, which was adequate for providing full race cards for the six
day race period.

Other successes and increases at the fair were in the antique
engine displays and showings, which increased from 37 machines to
89 coming from three states, and from all points in Montana.

The professional horse shower’s competition, which has been
a regional competition for the past 10 years, included
approximately 40 competitors from Montana and five surrounding

Commercial exhibits were to the capacity of 150 and open class
exhibits which show some shift in various departments were
approximately equal to 1990 with 15,000 entries.

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