WANTED: Ail-Around Super Do-It-Yourselfer

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If you know somebody that personifies the word ‘handy,’
now is the time to write about their gifted talents and maybe win a
prize for their efforts and yours.

WD-40 Company announces the ‘1998 WD-40 Search for the
Handiest Americans’ contest. You are invited to write an essay
about who you think is the handiest person in America and why. Only
one nomination per person.

Entrants will be divided into two simple groups Handiest Male
and Handiest Female. Grand prizes will be awarded to the top essay
writers and their choice for ‘Handiest American’ based on
originality, creativity, concept, humor, and sincerity. First place
winners in each category will receive a trip to the home of WD-40
Company, San Diego, California, that will include air
transportation on American Airlines, lodging for four nights at the
Doubletree Hotel in Mission Valley, and an Avis rental car. In
addition to the grand prize, other prizes, including WD-40 products
and gear, will be awarded.

To enter, contestants must submit an essay of no more than 500
words, double-spaced typed or computer generated on 8 x 11 inch
paper describing their choice for ‘Handiest American.’ The
essay should be attached to a photograph of their choice for
‘Handiest American’ and include name, age, Social Security
number, address, and phone number of the person nominated and the
entrant on a separate page. The limitations are only dependent upon
the essayist’s imagination and creativity.

Send the nomination entry to ‘1998 WD-40 Search for the
Handiest Americans’ P.O. Box 880464, San Diego, CA 92168-0464,
by May 30, 1998. Winners will be announced in July 1998.

For more information and a complete list of contest rules and
eligibility requirements, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to
‘1998 WD-40 Search for the Handiest Americans’ contest, at
the P.O. Box above.

Published on May 1, 1998

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