This Bronco and I May Hold A Record

By Staff
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11656 Hoghe Road Van Wert, Ohio 45891

In August of 1995 I became the owner of Waterloo Bronco #210.1
may possibly hold a record for the lowest price paid for a Bronco,
as I was the winner of the raffle held at the Wheels of Yesteryear
Club Show in Bluffton, Indiana. I purchased six tickets for $5.00,
and one of them made me the owner of a nicely restored 1948 Bronco.
I went to the show so my eleven year old son Bryce could meet his
grandfather to spend the day there. Our family is not new to the
antique tractor hobby, as my father-in-law has over 30 tractors in
his collection, some of which he had at this show.

After purchasing the tickets and helping my son find Grandpa, I
gave them the ticket stubs and jokingly told them to be sure to get
my little tractor home for me, not ever expecting to win.

Later that evening my son came bursting into the house shouting,
‘Dad you are the proud owner of a Waterloo Bronco!’ Knowing
my son just loves to tease, it took some convincing from him and
Grandpa for me to believe them.

Both of my children love the little tractor because it’s
just the perfect size for them to drive. Even my wife has given her
approval of it, although I think it’s the bargain price she
really likes.

Upon getting the tractor home, I did some detail work on it. I
will have to rebuild the carburetor; that is all it seems to need,
although I would like to find a plow (or build one) for it.

I have shown it at the Portland, Indiana, show, as well as the
Van Wert County Fair, and hope to show it more next summer.

I would like to hear from other Bronco owners, as well as learn
more of the history of the Bronco.

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