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16-30 Eagle.
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Franklin valveless displayed by Gary Oleson.
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Best restored engine.
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Barrel race.

11326 Scott Road, Arbor Vitae, Wisconsin 54568

Breakfast, Breakfast, Breakfast! Now being served in the Dining
Hall! The sound of Dick Dutton’s voice reverberated around the
U.P. State Fairgrounds as exhibitors and vendors made their way
toward the inviting aroma of the free breakfast being prepared by
officers of the U. P. Steam and Gas Engine Association.

With plates piled high with pan cakes, sausage, scrambled eggs,
toast and coffee ready to be served, breakfast has become a time to
make new friends and renew old acquaintances at the
Association’s annual show.

With good feelings evident among all, exhibitors made their way
to their engines and tractors to meet the many guests who came by
to look at, examine, or reminisce about the ‘Good Ol’
Days’ when they, their parents, or their grandparents used
equipment like that.

If you were a vendor at the Flea Market, or the Knife and Gun
Show, you had hundreds of people milling around the fairgrounds
looking for bargains and sometimes for much needed items. If you
needed something, you had your chance to choose among the thousands
of items for sale.

Featured at our Silver Anniversary Show were exhibits and photos
from the past 25 years. A special memorial service was held during
the church service Sunday morning honoring those members who are no
longer with us.

A special thank you is due to Skip Dufour who has been president
of the Association for 25 consecutive years.

We hope you will be able to be with us for our 26th annual show,
to be held September 1, 2, 3, 2001.

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