Showing Off In Reidsville, North Carolina

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1594 Wolf Island Road Reidsville, North Carolina 27320

The Antique Engine Association of Reidsville, North Carolina,
held its 13th annual show April 23 and 24,1994 at the club’s
show grounds located on Highway 158 East.

Over 200 exhibitors were in attendance to show their prize
possessions and swap engine stories with their friends they
hadn’t seen all winter.

The show features a working sawmill, shingle mill, wood saw,
wood splitting, corn mill, and a 1940 120 HP Fairbanks-Morse
engine. All the attractions were operated by the 76-plus club
members every hour during the show.

A large selection of tractors, dozers, and ‘big boy’s
toys’ took part in the midday Parade of Power.

Bluegrass and country bands provided entertainment for the
spectators on Saturday, with a church service and gospel music on
Sunday morning.

No admission is charged for any of these events.

The Antique Engine Association of Reidsville, North Carolina,
was proud to host another successful show. Thanks to all who
participated, and come see us again in 1995. Dates for the ’95
show are April 29-30.

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