Pioneer Power Day in Tennessee Valley

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A wide variety of Farmalls were displayed-some in show shape and some out of the fields.

Tennessee Valley Pioneer Power Assoc. Eagleville, Tennessee

The First Annual Pioneer Power Day was held on September 10,
1988 at Eagleville High School, Eagleville, Tennessee. September 10
was officially declared ‘Pioneer Power Day’ by the Mayor of
Eagleville and the Rutherford County Executive in recognition of
the major contribution pioneer power has made to the rural areas of

This display of agricultural equipment was the first one for
this area and it was extremely successful. Pioneer power was
represented by over 100 antique tractors, 70 plus small engines, a
steam popcorn machine, a horse-driven John Deere hay baler in
operation, and a wide variety of equipment. The field day was
designed to let local collectors exhibit their antique tractors and
engines and to allow the general public to see ‘pioneer
power’ in action.

Activities for the Pioneer Power Day included a display of all
items, a parade of over 65 tractors, 25 contestants in the
hand-cranking contest and slow tractor race, and 80 tractors
competing in the antique tractor pull. Special exhibits included
quilt making, corn shelling, various other crafts and a toy tractor
display. Over 500 participants and visitors attended the event, and
the Eagleville Chapter of the Future Farmers of America provided

The Tennessee Valley Pioneer Power Association was organized in
January, 1988. The Association has 50 active members and is
headquartered in Eagleville, Tennessee. Buddy Woodson, President of
the Association, said ‘This was our first field day, and we
were extremely pleased with the attendance and enthusiasm shown by
visitors and participants. We appreciate everyone coming, and we
expect next year’s Pioneer Power Day to be even bigger and

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