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Outboard Club's logo.

Outboard Club’s logo.

The Antique Outboard Motor Club, Inc., founded by a group of
collectors who started corresponding about their hobby in 1960, now
has chapters throughout the United States and still continues to

Riggs A. Smith, of Endicott, New York, took over as national
president in 1979 following the untimely death of Walter E.

Formation of the club took place in 1965. It is now the largest
and most active organization in the world that is oriented toward
antique outboard motors. It considers motors built prior to 1951 as
antiques. Some were made during the late 1800s.

The club issues a quarterly magazine, The Antique Out boarder.
It also issues a newsletter eight times a year.

Some members have over 100 motors in their personal collections.
Some specialize in certain types or brands. Brands include:
Evinrude, Mercury, Johnson, Elto, Clarke, Waterman, Lockwood,
Caille, Martin, and Detroiter.

To obtain further information about the club, write to AOMCI
National Headquarters, c/o Shipyard Museum, 750 Mary Street,
Clayton, New York 13624.

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