Ontonagon County Fair

By Staff
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Mike Mahnke's 10 HP I.H.C. Victor, Bessemer, MI. Mike always brings an excellent display.
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John Brunton's 22-36 McCormick Deering and the Association's Ann Arbor hay press.
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The Kaurala's 10 HP Mogul and flour mill.

100 Ark Road Mass City, Michigan 49948

The 1993 Ontonagon County Fair was held July 29, 30, 31 and
August 1. This was the 18th year that there has been an engine
display at the Fair.

It started back in 1976 when my dad, Claire Brunton, came to
visit us at Fair time. He brought along a
11/2 HP Hercules that had been his
father’s. I had never seen it run until that time. My
grandfather had purchased it about 1911 or 1912. It was used to run
my grandmother’s washing machine.

My neighbor, Alvin Kaurala and his brother, Bill, saw the engine
and decided they should bring their 10 HP Mogul that had been
purchased by their grandfather in 1914. It had been used to run a
flour mill and shingle mill. The Kauralas still have the engine and
flour mill and grind flour with it each year at the Fair.

Every year after that we usually had about 10 or 12 engines on
display, usually from local residents. About four years ago we
decided to get serious about our show and make it a major
attraction of the Fair.

Ontonagon County is mainly rural, the third largest in land size
yet is one of the least in population.

We find it difficult to attract a carnival and we needed a major
attraction. The Engine and Tractor Show now does that. The 1993
show marked the first time we had a steam traction engine at the
Fair; in fact, we had two

Advance Rumely 16 HP and a 1/4 scale Case
60 HP. We registered 53 exhibitors that displayed 32 tractors and
about 70 engines, counting all the small ones; Maytags, chain saws,
garden tractors, and etc.

Fourteen of the exhibitors were our neighbors from Wisconsin and
two came from Indiana. The exhibitors received a unique copper
plaque made from native Ontonagon copper. We thought this was very
appropriate because this part of Michigan is known as the Copper
Country. There were a number of working demonstrations taking place
throughout the Fair in addition to our regular events, such as the
tractor parade, slow race, tractor pull and pony pull.

We hope to see lots of new faces in 1994. If you choose to come
and spend some time at our Fair we will make you feel welcome. Our
Fair dates for 1994 are July 28, 29, 30 and 31.

By the way, the Hercules lives at my place now. My dad is 89
years old and makes it to our Fair each year.

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