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R.R. 1, Box 61 Dundee, Minnesota 56126

Harvey Wahl, R.R. 1, Box 61, Dundee, Minnesota 56126 is the
proud owner of this 7 HP Lennox engine, which he shows yearly at
the Butterfield Steam and Gas Engine Show. Look inside for his

I bought this 7 HP Lennox gas engine about 12 years ago at a gas
engine auction near Ramona, South Dakota. Although the engine was
basically complete, the hot tube ignition system and the
carburetor, gas tank and gas lines were missing. After cleaning and
painting the engine, I built the engine trucks on which the Lennox
is mounted.

I found a picture of a Lennox gas engine in an advertisement in
a 1902 edition of The Farmer magazine. Using this picture, I
mounted a water tank and a gas tank which closely resemble the
configuration shown in my old Farmer magazine. I was also able to
fit the engine with a Lunkenheimer carburetor to complete the fuel

When I bought the engine, someone had previously drilled, tapped
and fitted the intake chest with a spark plug. Realizing that it
would be nearly impossible to replace the hot tube ignition system,
I decided to fabricate an ignition system using the spark plug
tapped into the engine. With the piston turned on the compression
stroke to dead center, I mounted a small contact pin on the side of
the timing gear. I also mounted an insulated spring contact on the
side of the engine which enabled me to time the engine. Using a
Model T buzz coil and a battery, I was able to complete the
ignition system. After a few turns of the flywheels, the Lennox
fired and was running once again. Although the engine shows a lot
of wear indicating it was used extensively, it runs very well and
is shown annually at the Butterfield Steam and Gas Engine Show.

The Lennox Machine Company was established by David Lennox at
Marshalltown, Iowa in 1880. Lennox engines were first marketed
around 1894. The engine line grew to include 20 sizes ranging from
to 30 HP. These included air, hopper, screen and tank cooled
styles, but as with many other makes of engines, very few exist
today. Among other items manufactured were grinders, scales,
electric light plants, and washing machines.

I only know of one other Lennox engine still in existence today.
I would be very interested in hearing from anyone who owns or knows
of existing Lennox gas engines, literature or other products built
by the Lennox Machine Company.

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