Massey-Collectors Association Meeting

By Staff

One subject of discussion at the Massey Collectors Association
Meeting scheduled for March 16 and 17 in Peoria, Illinois, was the
Guinness World Record Setting Event with all the Massey Harris
tractors and equipment. With plowing, working the plowed ground
into a seed bed and drilling wheat and fertilizing in an area of
over 100 acres in one day with over 100 tractors and equipment,
will this be a sight to see or not?

And this great event of 2001, for any make of equipment, will be
held in September. Set aside your summer activities for this event.
The dates are September 21-23, 2001, at Three Sisters Show Grounds
near the southern edge of Chillicothe, Illinois on Route 29. This
is about 14 miles north of Peoria. There will be plenty of food
vendors, a craft show, toys, memorabilia, parts, etc. See what MCA
is all about. To join MCA costs just $20.00 a year.

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