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Winter is on its way out for most of us, and not a moment too
soon, if you ask me. Working in the cold is okay for a while, but a
few months of fighting cold iron with equally cold hands is usually
enough for most of us.

Fortunately, the meat of the show season is at hand, and winter
will be just a memory as we prepare for a new round of shows. We
have some reports from last year’s shows in this issue,
pleasant reminders of what was another great year in the old iron
collective as we get ready for another, surely fine season of

That makes this a perfect time to touch on the subject of show
reports, which we gratefully receive from individuals and club
members from around the country. I’d like to encourage everyone
who submits a show report to include as much information as they
can, especially when it comes to photos. It really helps to know
who owns a pictured engine, when the engine was made, its
horsepower rating and hopefully even a serial number. Some of this
old iron gets so familiar to us we forget there are a lot of people
who are seeing a particular piece for the first time, and without a
frame of reference it can all get a bit confusing. The more the
better, and that goes for engines, too.

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