He Wants My Negatives

By Staff
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Jim Bess with his John Deere at the Tornado show.
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5950 Wilson Drive Huntington, West Virginia 25705

I went to an engine show at Tornado, West Virginia, on June 5.
The ground was wet from an all night rain. While I was getting set
up, a large Valley Bell Dairy truck pulled into the field to drop
off products for the concession stand. He got stuck as soon as he
got in the field.

The vice president of our engine club (West Virginia Steam and
Gas Engine Association), Jim Bess, jumped on his restored John
Deere Model B and drove up to pull him out. I took my trusty camera
to take some pictures of the tractor pull. The driver of the truck
had not had much experience driving in mud and was not much help
getting the truck out of it. Jim and his John Deere could not get
the truck moving. Then they hooked a 4-wheel drive Ford to the
tractor. After some relocating the tractor to new ground and with
three or four men pushing the truck, they got it out.

While all this was going on I thought I would have some fun and
took a picture of the truck pulling the John Deere without the
Valley Bell truck in the picture. I told his wife what I did and
she said he would have a fit! At our next engine show I got a lot
of our club members together and showed them the picture (in front
of Jim) getting his John Deere pulled by a pickup truck.

I gave him duplicates of the pictures I took after we had a lot
of fun with him. That is when he said he wanted the negatives.

It’s all part of the fun going to engine shows. On my engine
trailer I took an IHC Titan Jr., 1 HP engine turning a corn meal
grinder, a 2 HP headless Witte, 1 HP Ideal hit & miss and a
Sheffield 2 cycle motor car engine.

Jim Bess also takes the GEM. I want him to get another surprise
when he reads this story in GEM.

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