Gettin’ Up Speed With Irene

By Staff
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It’s Reunion time again and I get carried away with packing
magazines, books, jewelry and subscription blanks to send out for
the shows. Can’t believe it is time to write my two cents worth
for the July-August issue of GEM. Trouble is I can’t think of
any news.

Will pass along some inquiries that came in the mail. Mrs.
Robert Hesse, 6060 East Joy Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105, would
like to know if a person can purchase a wrought iron design of a
Gas Engine. She can find old cars, horses and fire engines but not
gas engines. If any one has this information you can write her or
our office.

Also, Mr. Neil R. Erickson, 2113 E. Wheeler Road, Midland,
Michigan 48640, would like some information on operating
International tractor 15-30 (W-30) 10-20 & WK-40. Does anyone
have an owners (operators) manual he could buy or borrow for

Mr. Stanley Wiersma, 677 22nd Ave. N.W. New Brighton, Minnesota
55112, is in the Process of restoring a Waterloo 2 H.C. Engine No.
155331 and is missing the coil, ‘he presumes that is what it
uses’, the starting crank is also gone. If anyone has any
information or just a picture it would be helpful.

Since school is out I should have three little helpers at home,
and this being the first day of Vacation I expect a big surprise
when I go home and not the surprise of a bowl of pretzels in the
middle of the room and three teenagers watching TV. They usually
scatter and can do the fastest disappearing act you would want to
see if they think I have a chore for them.

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