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Courtesy of F.D. Schrauth, 112 So. 5th St., St. Charles, Illinois 0174
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Courtesy of F. D. Schrauth, 112 So. 5th St., St. Charles, Illinois 60174

112 So. 5th St., St. Charles, Illinois 60174

Just a few lines to let you know we in the Mid-West are still
concerned about facts. In the last issues of Gas there is a man
talking about the Maytag Gas Engines. Well here are some facts
right from the Maytag Co. (The Single cylinder engines were
manufactured from 1911 through Aug. 1937 at which time, production
was begun on a twin cylinder engine which was manufactured through
Sep. of 1952.)

Now then since the unfortunate end of production on Gas engines,
the parts have become very limited. There are still a revised list
of parts available for both the single and twin cylinder models.
All request for information can be sent to; THE MAYTAG CO., c/o Mr.
Don Ryder, Supervisor, Washer-Freezer Service, Newton, Iowa

Here are a few pictures taken at the WILL COUNTY
THRESHERMEN’S ASS’N. Steam Engine and Threshing Show, held
Aug. 3, 4, 5, 6, 1967 at Francis Field, New Lenox, III. The weather
was great and the crowds larger than ever. They Threshed, Sawed,
Dynamometer, Fans, Cringing, shelling, plowing, and Paraded all
Equipment move-able.

Pictured are some of the tractors the fellows had there with a
good bunch of Gas Poppers such as 10 HP. International Gas Engine.
15 HP. Fair-Banks Morse 8HP. International, Sandwich, Briggs, John
Deere to mention a few.

4 Cylinder Hart-Parr Gas Tractor, 28-50 Hp. built in 1929 and
owned by Franklin Weber of Manteno, Illinois.

A 20-40 Hp. Rumely Oil Pull Tractor owned by Gordon Ferguson,
Elwood, Illinois.

A 1918 Waterloo Boy Kerosene Tractor, 12-25 Hp. owned by Cliff
Barnes of Aurora, Illinois.

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