By Staff

11950 Montague Road Winnebago, Illinois 61088

On the way home from Florida last April I stayed overnight in
Athens, Georgia. The next day I went to Bowman, Georgia to their
engine show to look up Gary Jaruis, who I had corresponded with for
several years about our Friend engines. I found Gary and his buddy,
Bill Scott, and became acquainted.

After a while I asked if there was any place where I could get a
leaky water pump on my car replaced. Gary looked at Bill and said,
‘Should we tackle it?’ ‘Sure,’ said Bill.

So we went to an auto parts store, got a pump and went to
Gary’s home where they put on the new pump and added a gallon
of antifreeze. When I tried to pay them they held out their hands
and said, ‘All we want is a hand shake.’ How’s that for
‘Friendship’? Thank Heaven for Friend engines.

P.S. I am going to the Bowman Engine Show again next year.

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