Fairway 12 Owners’ Register

By Staff

RD#2, Box 453, Drums, Pennsylvania 18222

I am currently updating the McCormick Deering /International
Fairway 12 Register and would appreciate any help you could render
in notifying Fairway owners who have not yet registered to please
do so. Listed below are the Fairway owners who responded. If your
Fairway changes ownership, please have the new owner correspond
with me so the register can be maintained. Also if you find a
Fairway owner not listed, please ask him to correspond also. Thank
you for your cooperation.

Serial No. FOS1098 Gordon Conn Ph.614-426-6191 4620 Carrs Mill,
Jamestown Rd. Jeffersonville, OH 43128

Serial No. FOS1624 Duane Hildebrand Ph.717-788-3405 RD #2, Box
453 Drums, PA 18222

Serial No. FOS2891 Bill Ackerman Ph.708-566-7023 409 Grove
Mundelien, IL 60060

Serial No. FOS1451 Wayne Hutton Ph.816-699-2426 RD#1,Box 100
Clarence, MO 63437

Serial No. FOS1266 Peter Delprato Ph.508-386-5680 P.O. Box 298
Ashby, MA 01431

Serial No. FOS2498 Jacob Ferrari Ph.814-696-3377 510 South
Street P.O. Box 249 Newry, PA 16665

 Serial No. FOS1927 Robert Prenzler 10750 Brennan Rd.
Brant, Ml 48614

Serial No. FOS2724 Cletus Haag 5282 Missouri Rd. Marshall, WI

Serial No. FOS1403 William Bland Ph.502-354-8539 RD #4, Box 156
Benton, KY 42025

Serial No. FOS1650 Wayne Greenwood 6425 Grove Rd. Oswego, FL

 Serial No. FOS838 Tom Hoffman Ph.708-639-4623 325 Alicia
Dr. Cary, IL 60013

Serial No. FOS2044 James Gall Ph.913-742-2657 Rt #1, Box 144
Reserve, KS 66434

Serial No. FOS2794 Ralph Johnson Ph.815-264-3615 Rt #1, Box 2
Waterman, IL 60556

Serial No. FOS3375 Dan Schmitt Ph.402-453-2289 11920 Ponca Rd.
Omaha, NE 68112

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