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EDGE&TA Vice President 2292 Lake Morena Drive Campo,
California 91906 619-478-5500 Fax 619-478-5502,

As we are now entering the year 2001, I hope everyone has had a
merry Christmas and a safe New Year. Many of you may be digging out
of snow, but some of us in the southwest, are enjoying the nice
weather and are out looking for rusty iron. Personally, this has
been a very good winter with many great finds.

I would like to share some information and changes to the Hall
of Fame for Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association. The
EDGE&TA Hall of Fame was established in 1998 in the interest of
honoring those who have made significant contributions to the
preservation, collection, and exhibition of antique tractors,
engines and equipment. The judges will be chosen by the Hall of
Fame chairman and will remain anonymous. The honorees will receive
a personal engraved plaque commemorating their induction into the
Hall of Fame. Do you know an EDGE&TA member that deserves to be
recognized in the Hall of Fame? (Posthumous submissions will be
accepted with past EDGE&TA membership). We will be selecting up
to four inductees, if qualified submissions are received. Each
submitted package must include a background sheet of
accomplishments, a brief summary of why this individual should be
given this honor, with address and phone number of inductee.
Examples of accomplishments are, but not limited to: club offices
held, involvement in preserving our hobby, and equipment restored,
etc. Inductee’s submission should be mailed to Jerry Mac
Martin, 570 Corliss Way, Campbell, CA 59008 or Fax: (408) 378-1390
or e-mail at jerrymm@earth-link. net no later than March 15,

The national Board of EDGE&TA is made up of elected
Directors who are assisted by Advisors throughout the U.S. Each
Director is assigned a region to oversee. The following is a list
of phone numbers for the Directors:

NortheastCurtis Cook (President) (575) 485-1711 SoutheastBill
Keen (Director) (817) 834-5756 North central-Howard Hodson
(Director) (501) 248-4902 South centralDale Fry (Director) (817)
419-0239 NorthwestFloyd Schmall (Director) (559) 834-2446 or Cliff
Northcote (Vice President) (619) 478-5500

If you have any questions, or belong to another antique engine
and/or tractor organization that might be interested in joining
EDGE&TA, please feel free to contact the Director in your area.
You may also obtain information on our EDGE&TA web site at
www.ave.net/~edgeta/ When you check out our web site, make sure to
look at our new internet discussion page. I’m sure you will
find it interesting.

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