East Tennessee Crank Up 1989

By Staff
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Bill Triplett's 4 1/2 HP gearless Olds.
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Jerome Christian of Johnson City, TN owns this 2 HP Bulls Eye.
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Charlie Cutlip's steam engine.

821 Lake Boone Trail, Raleigh, NC 26706

The 18th annual Crank Up of the East Tennessee Antique Engine
Association was held at the farm of Jeff and Brenda Hutchings on
June 9, 10, and 11, 1989. Surrounded by lands of the Cherokee
National Forest, their farm is a beautiful setting for an engine
show. Registered exhibitors topped 100 for the first time, and
approximately 350 engines were displayed. Jeff and Brenda, their
family, friends, and all the other members of the Association go an
‘extra mile’ to make every person feel welcome! The fine
mountain air, plenty of good food provided by the Downtown
Christian Church Youth Group, and the unusual variety of the
engines all added together to make the kind of show experience
people return for year after year.

Engine makes that were displayed included Otto, Springfield,
Geiser, Backus, Foos, York, Columbus, Kane, Stickney, Evinrude, Orr
& Sembower, Quincy, Int. Mogul &. Famous, Stover, G S 6k M,
Domestic, Jacobsen, Bull’s Eye, Temple, Badger, Watkins, Falk,
Fairbanks Morse Type N, Sta-Rite, Economy, Galloway, and Wisconsin.
The 1882 slide-valve Otto was started several times a day and is
always a crowd pleaser! Also present were several model engines,
tractors, steamers, and antique cars.

Two fine neighboring engine associations that lent their
invaluable support and are always appreciated are the Smoky
Mountain Engine and Tractor Association of Knoxville, Tennessee and
the Carolina Flywheelers of Boone, North Carolina.

The 1990 show will be held June 8, 9, & 10, an everyone is
encouraged to attend! For information, contact Jerome Christian,
Show Director, Rt. 8, Box 440A, Johnson City, TN 37601,
615-928-2556 or Jeff and Brenda Hutchings, Rt. 4, Box 1645,
Elizabeth-ton, TN 37643, 615-725-3992.

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