Delameter’s Old Time Thrashing Bee

By Staff
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Mr. Roos and his carriage, above. Connie Henley, your reporter, standing beside him.
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Old timer from Buckner, Missouri. His kids gave him the surrey for his birthday.
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Charlie with Tony-Jumbo pulling sulky rake
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Harvey Jones and his 1927 Indian Prince, part of his 40 or so motorcycles.
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These Hill Williams won the timed event hands down. The nickname is used with affection. They are hard working loggers from Bonnots Mill, Missouri.
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Tomorrow's log cutters pulling a cross cut
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Don Gfeller and his dad's 1949 John Deere Crawler. They walked off with the pull. If ever around Blue Springs, MO, look up Thane and Don. They are good collectors.
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Old Crawler plowing with 3 bottom plow.
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Jack and Jill team cutting a fast time. Tom Bell timing on the left is very active assisting with the shows. Tom is an engineer with Butler Building, Kansas City, MO.
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Charlie McPheeters with Tony and Jumbo doing it the old show way.
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Baling hay the old way, with George Delameter's equipment.

511 Graffway Lee’s Summit, MO 64063

Delameter’s Old Time Thrashing Bee was held August 22 and
23, 1986. Several new items and events surfaced for a good show by

New was the small Crawler tractor pulling contest. Can you
believe a 2-cylinder John Deere walked off with it?

Also new, a chain saw contest, cutting against a stop watch.
Untreated railroad ties were the item to be cut. Cuts down through
and back up through the tie got down to 4.10 seconds for stock
chain saws. Now that is throwing the saw dust!

Also new to the show, Charlie McPheeters and his Belgian pulling
horses demonstrating the walking plow our forefathers used.

The shine and amazement in the eyes of young people present was
worth all the effort put out by us all to make the show

One unscheduled event was the flight Charlie took over the plow
handles to land face down in the plowed field when the clevis broke
between the double tree and plow beam. Luckily he wasn’t hurt.
Quite a show, Charlie.

By the time this is printed, George and Dorothy Delameter will
have travelled to Raymondville, Texas, to retrieve a load of (3) G
Allis Chalmers and several flats of parts my son found sitting on
the back lot of a dealer this summer. 2,000 miles round trip, but
worth it to a collector of nostalgia.

The accompanying pictures show some of this year’s

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