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by Gas Engine Magazine Staff
Friends’ exhibition hall: 150 HP Hall-Scott

Friends’ Exhibition Hall: 150hp Hall-Scott

Company: Hall-Scott Motor Car Co., West Berkeley, Calif.
Year: Circa 1909-1920
Horsepower: 155
Bore: 8-inch
Stroke: 10-inch
Owner: Kevin Kusel

top of a hall-scott gas engine

The successful partnership of Elbert J. Hall and Bert C. Scott began in 1910. Hall brought impressive mechanical design skills to the new firm, while Scott provided management skills, business connections, and funding.

From 1910 to 1969, Hall-Scott produced many successful, advanced-design automotive, truck, tractor, marine, aircraft, and multi-cylinder stationary engines. Of note, Hall-Scott engines powered the Holt Two-Ton tractor, early Greyhound buses, and some International Harvester heavy-duty trucks. All Hall-Scott engines were gasoline-fueled and most models were produced in limited numbers. In 1958, Hall-Scott’s engine division was purchased by the Hercules Engine Co., located in Canton, Ohio.


back of a hall-scott gas engine

Conceived by Elbert Hall sometime prior to 1909, this impressive 6-cylinder engine design incorporates individually cast cylinders, overhead valves, dual ignition, an integrated air-brake compressor, and a huge carburetor. Note the attention to design detail, typical of all Hall-Scott engines.


This engine model powered Hall-Scott’s first product, a gasoline-powered interurban rail car. Power was transmitted to the wheels through a large clutch and reversing transmission. These “motor cars” could carry passengers, baggage, and light freight, as well as pull two additional coach cars. Hall-Scott interurban trolleys were produced in very limited numbers from 1910 to 1921.

Previously, this particular engine was on display for many years at the Ford Museum. The engine was deaccessioned in the early 1980s, and was in a private collection before coming to Coolspring in 2013.

side of a hall-scott engine in a museum
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