April Fool!

By Staff
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4210 Strong, Riverside, California 92501

I would like to share my April Fool joke with you! Ever since
the first time I went to the yard of my friend Chuck Cambis, I have
wanted to change the sign on his gate from ‘Men at Play’ to
‘Women at Play!’ That is exactly what I did on April

I knew Chuck would be at his yard that morning, as another
friend was meeting him there first thing in the morning. I had my
husband go with me over 30 miles to remodel his sign with black
electrical tape before they arrived.

Chuck never even noticed the improvement! I am having a friend
mail him a photo of my dirty deed from Colorado. That photo will be
of the sign only, so he still won’t know who did it. If he sees
this photo with me in it, he may figure it out. (I really don’t
need to shave, that is. my disguise). I am sure Chuck will
recognize the hat, I always wear it.

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