A Woman’s Point-Of-View My Reflections

By Staff
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Fully restored 1918 Minneapolis 35-70, owned by Frank and Betty Sticha, and shown annually at LeSueur County show.

105 5th Ave. S.W. New Prague, Minnesota 56071

As another year begins, I can’t help but reflect on the past
fortunate and unfortunate things that have happened to us.

Some of the best things I can think of are the times when my
husband, Frank, and I attend threshing bees. I know many women will
think, ‘Is she sane?’ Yes, I am and I love meeting new
people. I have made many new and lasting friends at the various

Many people go to various threshing shows and some have been
first time visitors.

In my opinion, some of the ladies reluctantly go with their
husbands, thinking, ‘What can be so interesting there?’
Some are happy they went along and others aren’t sure if
they’ll ever return. I think it’s amazing what you’ll
find. Most shows have crafts to view and to buy. Some shows have
flea markets. Just think of the bargains you can take home!
There’s music to listen to and various antique displays, from
toys to farm machinery and household articles. Pioneer homes and
schools and other buildings are on display.

I also enjoy the beauty of the out doors. Where else can you
find a mixture of sunshine (a free tan, if you wish), beautiful
trees and clouds. The fresh air is so invigorating. If it happens
to be a hot day, there’s a place to relax in the shade.

Good food is served at most places, something different than the
sedate restaurant setting. Always a variety of refreshments are
served. While relaxing with food and refreshments, strike up a
conversation with others. Amazing how interesting people are.

At our LeSueur County Pioneer Power Show, breakfast is a big
hit. Delicious pancakes and sausages are worth standing in line, as
many people do.

Later in the day, dinner and sandwiches and fresh homemade pies
are served.

It’s a lot of work to prepare for a show but I think
it’s rewarding when you see all the happy faces. It’s a
good feeling when people go through the lunch-line and comment on
the good food being served and tell us how friendly the people are.
Another statement worth hearing is, ‘We’ll return NEXT

It’s hard work feeding thousands of people but the ladies at
the LeSueur County Pioneer Power Show are a great cooperative group
and the lunch line is like an assembly line.

Even though people are dog-tired at the end of the day,
cheerfulness still prevails.

Ladies, when your husband falls asleep with a smile on his face
and muttering in his sleep, he most likely is thinking of an engine
or tractor he fell in love with at a show.

If vacations aren’t in your vocabulary or lifestyle, try
mini-vacations each weekend to threshing shows and you come away
refreshed. One place to visit is the LeSueur County Pioneer Power
Show. Camping facilities are available.

Map reading is interesting because getting to the next show is
important. I find it exciting because I like seeing the different
parts of our state and enjoying the beauty of our state and
wondering what new people we’ll meet. I’m definitely sold
on Pioneer Power shows because I feel privileged to have met so
many special people.

I’d like to invite you Gas Engine Magazine readers and
friends to the LeSueur County Pioneer Power Show, LeSueur Minnesota
August 25,26,27, 1989. I’m sure you will be happy you took the
time to come.

There’s one admission price for three interesting,
fun-filled days. You’ll get to see a parade Saturday and
Sunday. A few of the things you’ll see at the LeSueur County
Pioneer Power Show are: sawmill in action, shingle mill, veneer
mill, broom making, horse treadmill, threshing grain, corn
shredding, homemade ice cream, print shop, Miniature Land, gas
engines, beautiful horses, and many tractors and toys.

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