2000 Ashern Mini Threshermen’s Reunion at Ashern, Manitoba

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PO Box 98 Ashern, Manitoba, Canada ROC OEO

The 2000 show featured a threshing demonstration with a John
Deere Goodison 28′ separator driven with a W6 McCormick gas
engine on Saturday, and a Lanz Bull Dog on Sunday, September 10,

There was also a display of water-cooled engines, some of which
were an 8-horse Fairbanks tank-cooled Massey Harris, a small
Fairbanks with a single flywheel, an International half-speed
Domestic and others.

The Super Farmer contest was a popular event for spectators, as
was the log sawing demonstrations with a homemade band saw.

The Manitoba Trappers Association were on the grounds with a fur

Also featured was the native ‘Living Museum’ where
bannock was cooked up for the hungry crowd. Fried bread dough was
also a popular feature. The cooks couldn’t keep up with the
demand for this delicious treat. Other food was sold on the grounds
as well. A farmers market provided visitors a chance to purchase
produce, baked goods and canning.

The children were entertained with a petting zoo, the kiddie
train, a scarecrow making contest and an inflatable play area.

Murals depicting the history of the area were unveiled and skits
were performed throughout the two day event.

A. S. Hern, for whom the town is named, made his appearance
early on Saturday and conducted the narratives at each of the skit
sites. A song was composed and dedicated to Mr. Hern by one of our
local musicians.

There were demonstrations on everyday life in the various
buildings on the grounds.

The crowd enjoyed musical entertainment throughout both days.
Some hardy souls got up and danced on the grass to the toe tapping
music of the performers. There was something for young and old

The Threshermen’s Reunion is an annual event held in
September (8 and 9 are the 2001 dates) and is sponsored by the
Ashem Museum Committee.

For information contact: June Price, Box 98, Ashern, Manitoba,
ROC OEO Canada. Telephone 204-768-2394.

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