1912 35 HP Reeves

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This 2-cylinder engine represents a very high-grade, well-balanced, well-machined vertical gas engine.
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This 25 KW DC generator once provided electricity for a small college and a movie theater's carbon arc projector.

Manufacturer: Reeves Engineering Co., Mt. Vernon, Ohio
Year: 1912
Serial Number: 3539
HP: 35
Bore: 9-inch
Stroke: 12-inch
Weight: 8 tons
Ignition: Spark plug
Governing: Throttle

This 1912 35 HP 2-cylinder engine was built by the Reeves Engineering Co., Mt. Vernon, Ohio. The engine represents a very high-grade, well-balanced and well-machined vertical gas engine. The engine is direct-coupled to a matching 25 KW DC dynamo.

“This engine is noted for its vertical governor and extremely smooth operation,” Coolspring founder Paul Harvey says.

Some of its more interesting features include a coupling, which is partly disassembled. The half of the coupling that is mounted to the engine flywheel has a series of pegs sticking out, and the other half of the coupling is mounted to the 25 KW generator. “Threaded between the pegs is a leather belt, and as the two coupling heads try to turn against each other, the belt gets tight and transmits power,”  Coolspring president Clark Colby says. The 25 KW DC generator was capable of powering quite a few light bulbs or small motors.

In 2010, the Knox County Historical Society provided company records indicating the engine was shipped from the Reeves factory on May 20, 1912.

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