Clark Air Borne Dozer

Clark Air Borne Crawler

Clark Air Borne Crawler on display at Yankee Air Force Museum, Ypsilanti, Michigan.

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14050 Grafton Carleton, Michigan 48117

I have been seeing pictures and ads wanting to know about the Clark Air Borne dozer. 'Let's clear the air.' I purchased a Clark Air Borne dozer in the fall of 1986, and used it for two days, leveling ground at our northern Michigan home. After my three grandsons used and operated it, they asked me about the history of this small bulldozer.

I placed an article in Gas Engine Magazine under Reflections, and I received replies from persons in the United States (including Alaska), and from British Columbia, Canada. I have since gathered more information on the Clark Air Borne dozer. Our Clark Air is complete as issued by the US Army Corps of Engineers. It has three data plates riveted on the right side of the radiator cowl giving all the specifications of the Clark Air Borne dozer. Clark Equipment Company of Buchanan, Michigan, was asked by the US Government in January of 1942 to build a small bulldozer to be air transported to remote areas of the battle fields to build and repair air fields. After a short number of Clark Air Borne dozers were made, the factory was totally destroyed by fire. The US Government released a Clark Air Borne dozer to American Tractor Company, who disassembled it and made new prints of all the parts and became the only supplier of parts for Clark Air Borne dozers. I have also been told a few Clark

Air Borne dozers were equipped with a forklift and used by the Navy and called M. I. However, I don't actually have proof of this.

After World War II, USTRAC built an almost identical tractor except they used a continental four cylinder L head engine. It was built in Warren, Ohio. The Terratac GT 25-30 American Tractor Company of Churubrisco, Indiana, was also similar in design. This company later merged with J. I. Case Company.

My three grandsons, Mark, Scott and Thomas Anderson, disassembled and painted our Clark Air Borne crawler and restored it to show condition and are displaying it at military and gas engine and tractor shows. Its work days are over, and Grandpa can't play with the toy he bought. The grandsons each 'own a quarter interest in it.'

Serial numbers and plate information on Clark Air Borne Dozer:

1. Corps of Engineers

US Army
Air Borne Equipment
Tractor Crawler Gasoline
Total Weight 4196
Draw Bar HP 20-US-32
Manufactured by
Clark Equipment Company
Buchanan, Michigan
EBPOC4837 Date 2-8-43
C-of-E Serial Number
US Register Number 963582
Manufactor Serial Number C A 143511

2. Motor Waukesha

Model FC151R
BoreStroke 31/4x4
Number 572771 43-11
Gov. Speed 1900
Idle Speed
Waukesha Motor Company
Waukesha, Wisconsin

3. Auto Lite Ignition

Distributor X 91034 WC 1
Coil 1G 6V 10X
Condensor 1GB7025 AL 2-C
Rotor 1G-39
Cap 1G-B225 AL
Spark plug D-21
Generator G E P 480 8C