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Conversion of a Buzz Coil Ignition to Modern High Tension

Often, the question is asked if an engine can be converted from a Model T-type buzz coil to some other form of high-tension ignition. Another related question is how to add a battery saving time-out to a buzz coil in case the engine stops running while the coil is running. The answer is: it’s ...


Patent Page: Make-and-Break Ignition Systems

Frank Tremper’s Original igniter patent incorporated a spring-loaded contact (item “G” in Fig. 2) set in the piston head. Included in the patent was his scheme for a chain-driven rotary valve to control intake and exhaust (item “P” in Fig 1.) Most antique engine collectors are ...

Low-Tension Ignition System

Battery and coil: get your current up It’s best to begin with the simple coil and battery system then progress to the rotary magneto and igniter system. The equipment used to gather all the data was not exotic: Radio Shack analog multimeter, BK digital multimeter, Harbor Freight frequency ...

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