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Old World Charm: 1918 3-4hp Lorenz Engine

  Manufacturer: Ignac-Lorenz Co., Kromeriz, Moravia, Czechoslovakia Year: 1918 Serial No.: 7130 Horsepower: 3-4hp (rpm not listed) Bore & stroke: 4in x 6in Flywheel: 23in x 3in Ignition: Spark plug w/magneto Governing: Hit-and-miss, sideshaft governor Cooling: ...


Half-Scale Gardner Model 0 Build – Part 2 of 2

  Manufacturer : Alyn Foundry, North Wales, U.K. Year : N/A Serial No. : 2292 Horsepower : 3/4hp @ 450rpm (full-size engine) Bore & stroke : 1-3/8in x 2in Flywheel : 9-1/2in Ignition : Hot tube Governing : Volume Cooling : Tank-cooled Weight : 39lb The kit of ...


California Rarity: 3hp Frisco Standard Stationary Engine

  Manufacturer: Standard Gas Engine Co., San Francisco, CA Year: Circa 1901-1905 Serial No.: 452 Horsepower: 3hp @ 400rpm Bore & stroke: 4-3/4in x 5-1/2in Flywheel: 26in x 4-1/4in Ignition: Igniter w/battery and buzz coil Governing: Throttle via belt-driven horizontal ...


A Horse Tale or How I Acquired a Dan Patch Engine

  Manufacturer: M.W. Savage Factories Co., Minneapolis, MN Year: Circa 1913-1917 Serial No.: 3237 Horsepower: 5hp (rpm not listed) Bore & stroke: 5-1/2in x 7in Flywheel: 28in x 2-3/4in Ignition: Spark plug w/battery and buzz coil Governing: Hit-and-miss, flywheel ...


Mystery Engine Identified as Salsbury Engine

  Last issue, Dale Rieppel sent in photos of an engine he restored, but of unknown make. By way of identification, reader Kenneth Martin sent us a photo copy of an advertisement for a 6-1/2hp Salsbury: Dale’s engine is almost identical. A little digging suggests Dale’s engine is a ...


Worthington Horizontal Gas Compressors

  I wanted to let you know about five Worthington horizontal gas compressors that I think are still in place in Hooker, Oklahoma. I worked at this location for five years, it was owned by Natural Gas Pipeline Co. of America. The site was sold to another gas company and the engines were ...


Westinghouse Light Plant Wiring Diagrams

  Reader Bob Mitchell writes in looking for information on a Westinghouse light plant he has. Bill writes: “I recently acquired a Westinghouse 32-volt light and power plant, Type E, Model 60. It is 1,500 watts, 1,200rpm. I would like any information, like wiring diagrams or anything ...


Replacement Springs for Sattley Engine

Reader Bill Gingerich is hoping someone can help him with a 7hp Sattley he has. Specifically, Bill is looking for replacement springs for the governor and valves, and for full specifications on the engine, which Bill says is missing its tag. If you can help Bill, write or call him at the ...

The Evolution of Early Gas Engine Design

I find myself increasingly fascinated by patent drawings concerning early gas engines, as they afford us a window into the evolution of engine design. Pioneer engine designers were keen on divining new and unique methods of engine operation, and their approach to a problem was often driven by ...


Around the Corner: 1926 6hp McCormick-Deering Type M

  Manufacturer: International Harvester Co., Chicago, IL Year: 1926 Serial No.: CW4501 Horsepower: 6hp @ 550rpm Bore & stroke: 4-3/4in x 8in Flywheel: 23in x 3in Ignition: Spark plug w/Wico EK high-tension magneto Fuel: Kerosene/gasoline Governing: Volume Cooling: ...

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