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1917 50hp Miller

Company: Miller Improved Gas Engine Co. Springfield, Ohio Year: 1917 Serial Number: 1706 Horsepower: 50 Bore: 13 in Stroke: 20in Weight: 70,000lb Ignition: Dual spark plug with magneto and battery and coil Governing: Throttle Owner: Reid and Ellis ...

What is an Oil Field Engine?

The Coolspring Power Museum’s Either combination engine, designed to operate on either gas or steam. Just what IS an oil field engine? The simplest answer is, any engine used in the oil fields. Makes sense, of course, and when we talk about oil field engines, I think a certain picture ...


Oil Field Engine Wonderland

Two years ago, the Coolspring Power Museum recognized the need for another structure to house the many oil field engines that were either scattered outside or in a storage building. These begged to be displayed and operated for all to enjoy, and most could run with a little tinkering. A ...

Rare Engine Time Capsule

Last issue, I mentioned the pending publication of Wayne Grenning’s new book on the history of early flame-ignition internal combustion engines. As you can read in Woody Sins’ review, Wayne has completed his book, Flame Ignition: A Historical Account of Flame Ignition in the Internal ...

Watch Coolspring’s 600 HP Snow Start Up, Run and Shutdown

In the August/September 2014 issue of Gas Engine Magazine, we brought you the story of the Coolspring Power Museum's efforts to acquire, move and restore a 1917 600 HP Snow gas compressing engine. The 20-year project ended with the dedication and successful operation of the Snow. In the video ...

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