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by Bob Lundberg

Reader Bob Lundberg writes in looking for information on Soo Line spark plugs. Bob writes: “The 2hp Witte that I brought to Florida from Michigan had a Soo Line spark plug. I have tried to research it, but have not found any information. It’s a 1925 engine, and in its ‘running’ days that area was served by the DSS&A Railroad. Soo Line bought the DSS&A, but long after electricity put my engine out of work. Any information from readers would be great.”

Bob Lundberg

It’s unclear what the connection was between Soo Line Railroad Co., Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the spark plug brand, although at one time Soo Line Railroad used the same logo as shown on Bob’s spark plug, a clever combination of the letters “S” and “L” producing a dollar sign. Perhaps spark plugs were simply a short-term sideline?


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