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Show Photos and the Past and Present

The 2019 show season is effectively over, making this the time for me to put out my annual reminder to readers to send in photographs of the engines you displayed and the shows you attended in 2019. Although some areas of the country were plagued by rain (Portland doesn’t count; it rains ...

Adapted 2-Cylinder Engine Designs

 I expect many of us have seen this catalog image of a 1918 Schramm compressor outfit, which used two standard hopper-cooled stationary engines linked together (likely made by Domestic, as it appears Schramm never actually produced its own engine); one as the power unit and the other ...

Soo Line Spark Plug Information

 Reader Bob Lundberg writes in looking for information on Soo Line spark plugs. Bob writes: “The 2hp Witte that I brought to Florida from Michigan had a Soo Line spark plug. I have tried to research it, but have not found any information. It’s a 1925 engine, and in its ‘running’ days ...

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Preserving the History of Internal Combustion Engines