Restoration for Work Well Engines

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Dean Tapley's restored 1 HP Perkins Work Well engine.
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After seeing Dean's impressive restoration, a friend asked for him to do the same to his Perkins Work Well.

I would like to share some pictures with the readers of the Gas Engine Magazine of a rarely seen 1 HP Perkins Work Well gas engine manufactured by Perkins Wind Mill Co., Mishawaka, Ind. I was fortunate to purchase this engine about a year ago. I have only seen two others: one belongs to my close friend Clarence Lammers in Lake St. Louis, Mo., and the other was at the Portland, Ind., show a few years ago. I don’t recall ever seeing one in the Gas Engine Magazine. There is a picture of one in Wendel’s gas engine book that is owned by Barry Tuller. He has shown it at the Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, show, but I have not actually gotten to see it yet.

This past winter I gave the little Work Well the first-class restoration it deserved. I built a cart and battery box out of hickory wood. The name Work Well was originally stenciled on the water hopper so to stay true to the original I had it painted on the same way. After the restoration was completed and my friend Clarence saw it he asked if I would do the same to his. Normally I only like to do high-end restorations for myself but since he is a close friend I decided to do it. I plan on showing my engine for the first time at some of the shows I attend this year. The picture below is of both of the Work Wells post-restoration.

Contact Dean Tapley at 1446 Browns Mill Rd., Elsberry, MO 63343 •

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