Waterloo Faultless

By Staff
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2059 State Highway 29, Johnstown, New York 12095, e-mail,

Bob Naske of 2059 State Highway 29 Johnstown, New York 12095
sent us this picture of his Waterloo Faultless. Bob estimates the
date of the engine, serial number B3323, as between 1911 and

This is my unrestored George Miller Waterloo Faultless, 2 HP,
serial number B3323. Year of manufacture is unknown, but most
likely it was built between 1911 and 1915. It was in running
condition when I purchased it.

I installed the round metal gas tank to replace the incorrect
plastic one that was on it. I also made the trucks and did the skid

During the off season it resides in the showroom of the local
John Deere dealer, right next to a JD ‘E’ engine. Since
Deere bought the Waterloo Gas Engine Company way back when, I guess
the engines are related!

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