True Restoration

By Staff
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The cover photograph on the September 1993 issue was of a FANCY
Maytag model 92, with the caption, ‘. . . picture of his
beautifully restored Maytag.’

I am a Maytag collector and restorer with a dedication to true
restoration and authenticity. While the cover photo is a nice
picture of a highly customized Maytag, it is far from a restoration
to anything like original. I admire the workmanship that goes into
a customized engine and like to see them, but please don’t
confuse them with restorations. Perhaps the September cover should
have been referred to as a ‘custom.’

At right is a photo of a side exhaust model 92 which was built
in September 1927 (first month of production). This engine is
restored, both internally and externally, except for the skid, as
best as I am able (the incorrect plug wire has been replaced and
properly mounted).

I thought you might like to see what some of us do with the old
Maytags. This was a froze up old rust bucket and now runs with the
best of them.

I would hate to have people that are new to the hobby and use
the fine magazine for ideas and restoration tips get the wrong idea
about restoration. A 92 Maytag ain’t red and silver, and a John
Deere ain’t blue!

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