Restoration Is Easier Than Writing Stories

By Staff
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4660 County Road 134 St. Cloud, Minnesota 56303

For me it is easier to restore engines than to write stories
about the restoration.

I acquired my little 1 HP Mogul (right) at an engine auction in
November of 1994. It was complete, but the crankshaft was damaged
almost beyond repair, and so were the timing gear and the fuel
pump. It also needed a new exhaust valve and the ignitor to be

Mr. Merlyn Johnson and his father, Lester, of St. James,
Minnesota, and Lighting Magneto of Ottertail, Minnesota, were a
great help in the Mogul’s restoration. It is mounted on an
International truck, and I believe the paint to be the correct

It starts very easily and runs nice and smooth. I took it to
several shows this past fall. People enjoyed seeing it run.

I bought the 1 HP McCormick Deering shown at left at a flea
market. It caught my eye because it had an American Bosch

During its restoration I ground the valves, installed new rings,
and repaired the fuel pump, as well as the mixer. The engine starts
easily and runs well. It is primed with Rustoleum and brush painted
with three coats of Rustoleum Hunter Green.

The skids are made of white ash, and a wood burner was used to
do the lettering. It is mounted on an International truck.

According to the serial number, it was manufactured about

I am now working on a 5 HP Galloway, but that is another

I really enjoy the hobby and Gas Engine Magazine. I am always
looking forward to the next project with its challenges, because it
is very satisfying to bring these old engines back to life.

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