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Phillip Sparks' 10 HP Superior oil field engine, complete with pumping power.
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A.C. Thomas – Two-stroke conversion cylinders.
Acme Manufacturing Co. – Vertical, water-cooled combination engine
and air compressors utilizing parallel, gear-driven

Blaisdell Machinery Co. – Succeeded by United
States & Cuban Allied Works Engineering Corp. Four-stroke
combination engine and compressors, two-stroke oil engines and
four-stroke tandem, double-acting engines.

Bovaird & Co. – Four-stroke, horizontal
sideshaft ‘Superior clones,’ two-stroke conversion
cylinders, four-stroke, vertical air-and water-cooled and
two-stroke vertical, water-cooled engines. Bovaird & Seyfang
Manufacturing Co. – Four-stroke combination engines and
compressors, four-stroke horizontals, two-stroke conversion
cylinders, two-stroke gas and diesel horizontals and four-stroke
air- and water-cooled verticals. Bradford Supply Co. – Two-stroke
horizontals. Bradford later built A.C. Thomas two-stroke

‘The Bradford Improved’ trademark
Four-stroke combination engine and compressors, twin-cylinder and
single-acting twin tandems, four-stroke horizontals.

Close & Caldwell – Built the early
four-stroke horizontal engines designed by A.A. Lazier of Buffalo,
N.Y. C.J. Lindberg – Small four-stroke, water-cooled verticals.
Emery Machine Co. – Two-stroke combination engines and compressors
and two-stroke, sideshaft horizontals. Edward Gray – Large
four-stroke horizontals, single- and double-acting.

Fowler Machine Works – Four-stroke,
water-cooled verticals.

Flickinger Iron Works – Succeeded by
Combination Engine & Compressor Co., which in turn was bought
by Petroleum Engineering Corp.

Holley Motor Co. – Four-stroke, water-cooled
vertical singles for use in early automobiles, built by George
Holley of carburetor fame. When Holley moved to Detroit, unused
engines were sold by the Bradford Engine & Manufacturing

Locke Machine Co. – Two-stroke conversion
cylinders and fourstroke, water-cooled verticals.

M. Lytle and Son – Two-stroke conversion

Oil Well Supply Co. – The Bradford plant built
two-stroke conversion cylinders and sold them as ‘Bradford’

Thomas and Jackson – Two-stroke conversion

Notes from the Field

Spring is here – my favorite season! This is the time of year
when my thoughts turn toward how many engine shows I can work into
my schedule as I thumb through my copy of the 2004 Farm Collector
Show Directory.

I’d like to thank all who have helped maintain the OFES Web
site, which has proved to be a great resource for oil field engine
enthusiasts. It’s an online meeting place for sharing ideas or
buying, selling and trading. Traffic to the site has grown steadily
each month since it began, and I invite everyone with Internet
access to give it a try at www.oilfieldengine.com

I’ve received several letters here at the OFES desk through
‘snail’ mail, which I’d like to share this month:

Michael Fuoco, 656 W. Washington St., Bradford, PA 16701, sent
the only letter we have received so far responding to our request
in an earlier issue for help gathering a list of engine
manufacturers that mostly sold to the oil and gas industry. Michael

‘I understand you may be compiling a list of manufacturers
of oil field engines. Enclosed is a list of internal combustion
engines built in Bradford, Pa. With the possible exception of Acme,
Close & Caldwell, C.J. Lindberg and Holley, the others were
primarily used in the oil fields. Some of these companies also
built other products.’

Michael compiled his list (displayed in the box at right)
January 2004. Additions to this list are welcome.

Kenny Slotvick, 14 Georgesc Road, New Brunswick, NJ 08901,
writes he will soon acquire a 12 HP Witte diesel engine, Model
CDRBA-CD41113. The name-plate reads, ‘Oil Well Supply, Division
of United States Steel Co.’ If anyone can offer any information
regarding this Witte model, or if anyone owns a similar engine,
I’m sure Kenny would like to hear from you.

Jim and Dana McCall, 3320 Ecton Road, Winchester, KY 40391,
write to invite everyone to the Hillbilly Flywheelers show at
Irvine, Ky., April 23-25. Estill County, Ky., was an early-day oil
boom location. The show always has several fine exhibits of antique
oil field engines.

Phillip Sparks, 525 Cedar Grove Road, Irvine, KY 40336, sent a
photo of his 10 HP Superior oil field engine with direct-connected
pumping power gearing. This engine was on display at the Hillbilly
Flywheelers show last year. For more information about the show,
contact Jim or Phillip at the addresses above.

Danny Shields, 479 Wonderful Lane, Owingsville, KY 40360,

‘There is a good show down here you should try to attend.
It’s the show at Paris, Ky., July 30-Aug. 1. Everyone would
enjoy the tour through the Paris power plant, which is generally in
operation during the show, with

Fairbanks-Morse engines from six to 12 cylinders along with
opposed-piston models, all ranging from 1,000 HP to 2,800

Contact the Oil Field Engine Society at: 1231 Banta’s Creek
Road, Eaton, OH 45320-9701, online at: www.oilfieldengine.com or:

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