My Most Recent Restoration

By Staff
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Rt 2, Box 428A Mora, Minnesota 55051

I thought you’d like to see these pictures of my most recent
restoration. About six years ago while answering and of engines for
sale and looking for a 1 HP Hercules, I located and purchased this
engine from Mike Nohre of Elbow Lake, Minnesota. I finally got time
to work on it.

It is a Rawleigh-Schryer 1 HP manufactured in Freeport,
Illinois, between 1909-1915. The gas tank is cast as one piece
within the base of the engine, and the crankshaft has oil cups with
cast iron lids instead of grease guns. This seems to be a fairly
rare engine.

These are before, during, and after photos. Note: I use
degreaser and fuel oil in the gas can. It’s safer than

Also included are pictures taken during loading to go to the
Almelund Threshing Show at Almelund, Minnesota, on August 14th,
1993. These are the Rawleigh-Schryer and my 7 HP Economy saw rig.
It has a serial number of approximately 50,XXX and was manufactured
about 1915. Two years ago I purchased this engine near Mankato,
Minnesota, and restored it last year. The saw rig ran 6 hours on
Saturday during the show without any mechanical problems. I’ve
learned to start with a clean ignitor. The engine runs better and
is easier to start.

I had a great time at the Almelund show, met many new friends
and enjoyed seeing over 200 engines and I don’t know how many

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