From Waterloo To Tom Thumb!

By Staff
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HC 6 Box 4 Aitkin, Minnesota 56431

Here are some pictures of a couple of scratch model engines that
I built.

I’ve completed the 7 HP Waterloo Boy featured on the cover
of the March, 1992 GEM. I got interested in building a Waterloo Boy
model. This model is approximately scale, 12-14 HP, 1912-1916
complete with seat, battery box, horse pole, neck spoke, and double
tree. The battery box is out of proportion but it holds the battery
and coil.

It has a two inch bore and three inch stroke. The flywheels are
ten inches in diameter. It weighs over 60 pounds, and it runs
nicely below 400 RPM.

The Tom Thumb is approximately scale with 1 x 1 inch bore and
stroke. It has 7 inch flywheels and runs at 600 RPM. It weighs
about 30 pounds.

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