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The George Green

Manufacturer: George Green, Lambertville, N.J.
Year: circa 1902
HP: 6

This engine was designed and built by George Green of
Lambertville, N.J., some time shortly after the turn of the 20th

In September 2003, it was extracted from a foundation in the
former machine shop and home of George Marshall in Frenchtown, N.J.
Marshall was an employee of Green’s while simultaneously operating
his own small shop at his home. This engine was purchased from the
estate of Stanford and Judith Roach, subsequent owners of the
Marshall home and shop, which they acquired from Marshall’s widow
around 1959.

Evidently Marshall acquired the engine from Green and used it to
run the line shaft in his shop. It is probable Marshall worked on
the engines Green designed and built in the Lambertville shop while
employed there.

Green wrote an article published in the first Gas Engine
Magazine in 1966 (to see this article, visit where he outlined the progression of his
business and interest in gas engines, as well as curved-dash
Oldsmobiles. One could deduce by examining his engines that Green
had an outstanding mechanical mind for design and possessed the
rare ability to also transform those thoughts into beautifully
built mechanical devices using his own hands. It is possible this 6
HP engine is the only remaining engine of that size he built. At
least one, 1 HP engine of similar design (and referenced in Green’s
1966 writings) is owned by Whitey Forman, Youngstown, Pa.

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